About Sharoon

Who am I?

A work in progress!

If you don’t know me, then you’ll want to know me after this! Cheeky, ahn? 😉 Read on:

I’ve free fallen through clouds, bobbed on the waves of the ocean, wandered through mysterious tunnels, precariously sat on the steps of a moving train, felt the wind blow through my hair (whatever is left of it :-)), zipped through a forest and felt like Tarzan (Jane in this case) for a good 2 hrs., stood under the shade of trees older than time itself, and have known life in its myriad different tones and shades through the eyes of a child.

I helped design, pile bricks, layer cement, plaster and paint the walls of my childhood home that my parents painstakingly saved up for and finally built . It is a living monument to them. It is their labor of love and hard-work. It is called the “TAS” house. Thomas, Annie and S after the three Sunny girls.

I’ve dug holes the size of me in my backyard; planted saplings, watered them every single day, watched them grow, and now I revel in their shade and beauty. It taught me one of life’s many lessons–nourish what you have with love and care, and it will be fruitful.

I learnt the concept of the “good” earth, recycling, and compost from my notorious grandmother. She also taught me the necessity to be ferociously independent. At the age of 85, she still gets a pedicure, colors her hair, and goes to the spa. Need I say more about personal upkeep?

Dad gave me the love for books, music, carpentry, photography, and words. He is a master crafter of words. He also owned a twin-reflex camera back in the day and spent hours photographing us. While winding that grandfather clock every night, he gave us a lecture on how honesty was not a choice; it was a way of life. I owe my arty-farty existence to this eccentric man.

Mom taught me patience, and trust me, I have a mother load of it :-). She also gave me the green thumb, a love for creative cooking, and a childhood of cherished moments. She planned a grand picnic in the park for all our b’days. Under a giant banyan tree, each year, we cut a cake, sang songs, played games, took a nap, and went home feeling like a million bucks.

Through my sisters I’ve learnt what it means to belong, share, and be unfettered. I am sure Neil will inherit a multitude of these gifts from all of them.

I met the love of my life in high school and didn’t know about it. Our paths crossed several years later, and one too many coffees later, we were hitched for life. On our wedding day, we sang songs, played heavy metal and rock ‘n roll at the reception, pissed family and relatives to no end, looked each other in the eye and said, “we do.” That is by far my favourite Kodak moment ever! Very filmy, but absolutely timeless.

I’ve never known a place like New York. It has left me beguiled and energized. I’ve been mesmerized by a “Street Car Named Desire” and know what it means to “Have and Have Not.” I have walked in the sands of time with Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams on the streets of Florida and the Bahamas.

I’ve felt the sting of a winter rain  atop the Empire State building.

I’ve stood hand-on-belly (translated to being pregnant) with the loves of my life and swayed to the Eagles. Stood way at the back at the Cowboys stadium and sang myself hoarse to U2.  Discovered Dali and Surrealism at a very interesting point in my life.

I’ve lost friends and made news ones. One such friend showed me the way to unbridled affection, sewing, and cooking. Dj wink, wink.

I found my professional calling as a teacher after much soul searching. Took a year off to wander, get lost, and discover. Gave myself up to writing, pottery, and yoga. Very “American” as a concept, but it did happen in that order. Plying my hands through clay and moulding things to suit my fancy was a much needed distraction. Mom still displays them in the “showcase” to my embarrassment.

I’ve created magic with words through ink, typewriters, and computers and in that order.

I’ve had the best of conversations with strangers.

My loyalty to family and friends runs deep and strong. So don’t be too quick to write me off 😉

To sum it up, I am an everyday woman with dreams, hopes and aspirations. Born and raised in Bangalore for a large part of my life, I am eternally indebted to that crazy city for letting me be a part of it. Texas has been a part of our lives for seven years now, but I would not trade it for any other city in the U.S. I studied humanities at UT Dallas and know some of the best minds there is to know. Travel has a very distinct place in our lives. It has given us the opportunity to explore ideas, concepts, cultures, and peoples. We would not have been half the people we are without it.

I live, love and laugh. A simple truth. A truth that has brought all of you into my life. I am blessed and enriched for all the paths that have criss-crossed with mine. This write-up is bound to change as life progresses, but for now, it is what it is!

My family will tell me things as they are. They put me in my place. I love them all for it. I am learning something new everyday about myself, and with Neil in my life, the learning has quadrupled. I am growing up and growing down at the same time.


10 thoughts on “About Sharoon

  1. Loved learning the many sides of you that seemed hidden for some reason Sharoon!
    I discovered a lot about myself in your writing and it’s a great thing…. Kudos, keep writing!

  2. Hi Sharoon,

    It is a whiff of fresh air to read your musings !! So point blank and so touching at the same time. A practical modern gal,more or less the person that I have known you as from college days.Would be glued to this page for more musings and interestings reads.

    Bindu Anna Zachariah-Thomas George

  3. Sharoon, i just loved reading this….it in fact made me go back in time and of course even those cherished moments at Sree Cauvery School and i remember once Geeta ma’am (our English teacher 8th standard) had so much praises on your work (i am guessing it must have been an article or poetry…. unable to recall..).. i never knew you had this blog…. Great work again … 🙂

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