How do words move people?






It has been a long while since I’ve stepped back into academia, but when I did, the unadulterated joy of it all has been over whelming. Young, inquisitive and curious minds on the path to finding a voice in a chaotic and complex world has me in rapture. The quest for knowledge is an eternal wellspring. Time takes me back to “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever: Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness;”  Their literary pieces have given me an insight into their world and how they are trying to construct meaning of the world around them. In their writing, I see an unbridled passion for life. Rich in creativity and imagination, they are unaware of their own true potential. I wish for them to have the ‘madness’ that Ray Bradbury so aptly describes in his little piece titled “Ray Bradbury’s Advice to Writers.”

8 thoughts on “How do words move people?

    • Cynthia!!!! So good to hear from you! You are very kind. Your creativity and enthusiasm for the arts is no less. I wish I could have had you here to ‘refocus the lens’ in a different way 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Sharoon, hello! Remember me, Rashmi? I was in UTD in the Ph. D program the same time that you were in the M.A. How are you? I am so sorry we lost touch. I love your blog: you write beautifully. Send me an email and say hello! Ta, Rashmi.

  2. Looks like your workshop was a huge success–the words of those who took the class testify to that. Congratulations, Sharoon! What more can a teacher ask for than to be acknowledged that he/she has served the purpose they set out to?

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