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Right now, I’m on sleep mode. My brain’s been hibernating in the dark and dusty corners of nothingness. Ohk! That sounds like a very depressed person. For the moment, I am not! A writing gig(sorta), toddler time, sweltering heat, art projects and the like have kept me away from yours truly. A message from Hema woke me up from slumber mode. I missed writing, writing for myself. I often ask myself whom I write for…Do I write for myself, so I can bring all those emotions, thoughts, ideas and pent-up feelings onto a shrinking couch on WordPress, or do I write for all of you?

I think it is part me and part you. Most days I write for myself. There are posts that nobody  else is privy to…You definitely don’t need to know when I have a WTF moment. There is Facebook for that (not my life, but the hundred other people who think it necessary to post every living, waking breathing moment of their lives on Fb) :-). No sirrah! Those moments are too personal to share. The ones that do make it on WP are the ones I think most people will enjoy reading and connect with. So today’s post will hopefully connect with all of you and elicit a response.

I’ve never had a bucket list for the longest time. I did not see the need to list anything down since life can bring things your way when you least expect it. So why limit myself to a list was the thinking. As the years passed, I realized there were things I wanted to do in my past that are still hanging loose on the to-do list. So I began making a list. Lists can be limiting is the most common thing I’ve heard from friends, but they can also be liberating. How?

On a day when the stars are not shining very bright, I look back on my list and take stock. It makes me happy and tells me how much I’ve progressed as a person. Most often than not, the feeling is of elation. I am happy with who I am. So why this post then? The last few  weeks, I’ve been contemplating on a very simple yet profound thought – happiness. What makes us truly happy as people? Not the momentary, short-lived kind when you’ve got the latest version of the iPad, no. I mean the kind that makes you smile from within. I hope you take time out every once in a while to do it. This bucket list is atypical. It does not list a fabulous vacation to a fancy destination nor does it list some ambitious project that I am yet to do.  Instead, it lists things that we carry around with us all the time, but seldom use. I’ve forgotten some of these things, and I’m going to add them to my bucket list. I don’t want to look back 5 and 20 years from now and say, I did not do enough of:

Dancing. There is no better release than shaking a leg. Do it with a child and you’ll be astonished how truly happy it can make you. “To dance is to be out of yourself.  Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.”

Singing. I cannot hold a tune for nuts. I go flat, out of tune, and sound down right crappy, but sing I do.  I’ve sung in the company of friends loudly and happily, and I love what it does to me.

Sharing. I need to share something with someone every once in a while. A good cry, a laugh, a message, a recipe and sometimes just silence. I believe in its power.

Cooking. A soulful experience when you share it with someone. So many stories, laughs, endearing moments have happened while putting together a meal.

Walking. “If I could not walk far and fast, I think I should just explode and perish.”  I can belong to a crowd and be alone all at once. It gives me the space and time to put my head in its place.

Planting. “The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.” Plant anything from an idea to a tree and nourish it. It will bear fruit.

Soaking. Anything and everything good that comes my way. Soak in the radiance of the sun, the ringing laughter of a conversation, the innocence of a child, the generosity of strangers, the awesomeness of nature and the simplicity of life.

And when it is all done, I will not forget to smile everyday like I am on camera. If nothing else, it will make me look good.

What else would you add to a list like this?


8 thoughts on “This post has no title

  1. Love love your blog!!!! & I am glad that I am totally on the same page as you… wish we would have got time together but nevertheless its nice to be connected 🙂

    • Nivs, you are very kind! Thanks for reading, and like I said before, “never say never.” Our paths have already crossed and there are a million ways one could spend time together. I think we already are 🙂

    • Dear Passerby,
      What qualifies as a lifestyle choice or a bucket list, I think is entirely up to you. These for the moment fit into mine…Thanks for stopping by.

      • traditionally a bucket list is a to-do-once list in anticipation of death, while your post (to me) celebrated living fully – things you would do not once but at every opportunity!

        On another note, i was left wondering what is the correct term to reference the opposite of a ‘bucket list’ ?
        A quick search on Google threw up interesting results 🙂

        Would love to read more of your thoughts.

      • “Life is for the living.
        Death is for the dead.
        Let life be like music.
        And death a note unsaid.”
        ― Langston Hughes, The Collected Poems

  2. Love your take-stock list – found myself nodding at some of the items in there.

    What makes me happy? The moment when I’m expaining a tough concept in math to my child and I see the “I got it” stunned expression on her face. Or when the little seedlings I planted and nurtured for a week put out timid buds. Ah!

    Thanks for making me acknowledge the small, but profound, graces in life out loud.

    P.S: If these are the kinds of posts that result from my leaving an innocuous message, then I’d be happy to do it more often, Sharoon! 🙂

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