Figured out how to make home-made hand-wash solution that could last us a whole while longer than the store-bought ones. The biggest part in this for me, I get to use my very own scents, if I use the no fragrance bars, and I’m not buying bottles and bottles of plastic.  Kids could pitch in, and it is absolutely safe and fun for them.

Any (2) bar soap of your choice – 4 oz

I gallon of water

2 tablespoon glycerin ( found in any med. store)

One large container

One spatula


Cheese grater


Grate the bar of soap. Bring the gallon of water to just about where it begins to steam. Add to this the grated soap and stir till it dissolves. Leave it aside until it cools and add the glycerin and stir. Set it aside for 12 hours. Now your gel like, one gallon hand-wash solution is ready.

Neil has no trouble washing hands these days since he helped make the solution.


4 thoughts on “Scrub-a-dub-dub

  1. Sounds like a wonderful idea to have kids keep up with personal hygeine, not to mention the choice of adding some scents from back home (like jasmine and sandalwood if we want) to the soap, which we can’t find in stores here!

    Thanks for sharing the tip!

    P.S: Thanks also for the lovely and kind comment you left on my blog recently. I know my break has turned into a sabbatical now – am definitely planning on easing back into the world of ether slowly soon.

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