Bad mud and good mud

We have mud and lots of it! But it is no good. It is devoid of nutrients and feels rock solid. Now rock solid would be good for a relationship, but when it comes to raising those soft succulent tomatoes or crunchy green beans, rock solid is a no, no. I’m frustrated to no end that our garden is infested with pests. I can make them vanish with one big sprinkle of chemicals, but no. Got to work with what we have. My sage has disappeared overnight and only the stalk remains, and so it is with all my herbs. Wil relocate them to safer ground in the hopes of rescuing them.

Scene: Pants above my ankles, fingers all muddy, on my knees and looking in the general direction of  the heavens. Yes! Divine intervention is what we need.


2 thoughts on “Bad mud and good mud

  1. Sell the great caterpillar picture and buy new plants!
    By the way- I’m trying Malungavyy (is that right) leaf for breastmilk- have you heard of it? (Called Moringa in Africa.)

    • Thanks 🙂 We saved that big fellow and Neil watched him become a pupa….Alas! he didn’t get to become a butterfly since junior over fed him cookies and bread. Mulangavvy is excellent stuff for the whole body in general. They are only available in the winter time at a particular store in Richardson. Where do you get yours? These leaves also have a longish veggie that is super cool when cooked. Also, try methi leaves for breast milk. Both of these leaves are bitter though. But steam them with some salt and add some grated coconut, you’ll love it!

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