Have your teeth dug into a juicy carrot lately? Or have you sunk your fingers deep into the goodness of organically grown food? This past weekend was an experience in just that. Digging, biting, tasting and learning. Sounds primitive? Well, a large portion of our lives is meant to be lived like that. Especially the part that appeases our gastronomical desires. Our dependence on commercially grown foods has become an addiction.  I’ve certainly  forgotten what it means to grow my own food and eat the fruits of my labor. The last time I remember anything remotely close to eating home-grown fruits and vegetables was way back in the day. My parents were obsessed about growing things all around and over the house. We never understood their passion for green.

Two and thirty years later, I can see why.  The need to live sustainably and eat organically is at an all time high right now. Our conversations day and night are centered around how we can maximize the little garden space we have. This, to grow simple everyday essentials for our use in the kitchen. V and I have been following Mr. Vidari Pollen (as he is popularly known on his YouTube channel) for quite a while now. If he has a fan club, then we are probably the platinum placard holders on that list. We love what he has to say about all things organic.

After waiting for a week or two, we finally managed to snag a visit to his farm. This genius of a man knows everything there is to know about whatever there is to know. There are very few people who take a place on a pedestal in my life. He is one such person. The first thing we learned on this journey was the importance of keeping things organic – soil to final product. His methods of cultivation, vegetable to live stock is all natural. The evidence of which is visible throughout his farm. Healthy soil, robust vegetables, chirpy, clucking hens, and blissful bleating goats. His little herb forest has every imaginable disease curing plant. There was something for everything.

Everything on the farm goes through the natural cycle. If he’s growing gourds for the season, and a bunch of pests attack his priced possessions, he doesn’t go after them with a fertilizer or pesticide gun, he let’s nature take its course. He had posted on YouTube about how his challenge for this season was to grow a gourd larger than the one he grew last year. When we visited him, the gourd was half eaten. He didn’t seem perturbed at all. His take on it – don’t do anything unnatural.

Neil and Sid had a blast. Mr. Pollen’s dogs and the kiddos were a riot. They frolicked amidst the crisp green carrots and Brahmi beds. His bed of Brahmi’s would put our little pot of it to shame. Each of us took one very important message away from this visit – be good to mother earth. Take only what you need, and we will have enough for everyone. How is it that life’s most simple messages are the hardest to follow?


P.S. We also took a bag of suppotas and limes away. He wanted us to taste some of the seasonal fruits on his farm. They were by far the sweetest set of suppotas we’ve ever tasted. Mum made pickle out of the limes, and needless to say, they absolutely rocked!



6 thoughts on “Nisarga

  1. Just loved it. I am glad more and more people are taking up this habit of growing organic food and enjoying nature’s gifts. Whatever little the space , a small garden can be grown. May be a room less in the plan but a garden is a must!


    • Thank you. There so much to discover on this journey of gardening like we did. We realized over a period of time that it all starts with the earth. If your soil does not have the right proportions of nutrients, no amount of buying plants will help. You must first ensure you have good earth. Enjoy gardening and let me know what you learn….

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