Home sweet home

A place that is finally mine. I’ve been waiting to sink my roots in, let loose, and kick-back, and I’m finally able to do that. Home-the brick and mortar structure that we call home is finally here. I’ve been waiting to live here for as long as this place has been up and about, but circumstances didn’t quite allow for it.

Now we are here, and we are living it! Figuring out the colors for my walls, the color of blue that will look good against these crisp, white walls, the plants that will take shape in my garden. The list is simply endless. After a long day of digging in the dirt, I’ll leave this post to photographs:








4 thoughts on “Home sweet home

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! i am so happy for you, vinod and neil! your home is BEAUTIFUL! i mean, it is gorgeous! (especially in the aerial shot) i’ll have to learn to swim before i come visit, so i can enjoy that pool!

    on another note, the first lines of this post seem like you’re in my head. after having moved 4 times in the past 4 years, i really would like “a place that is finally mine.” pray that happens soon… one way or another.

    • I can sooooooo feel that joy coming from you, and I know you are truly happy for us. Thanks, Doc. They have classes at the apt. in summers. So you and I can go together 😉 along with Neil!
      I know what you mean when you say, “A place of my own.” We were constantly moving….but now that hopefully will change. Come soon and visit.

  2. Hey Sharoon.Congrats on your new beautiful place:) Post some more pics whenever u find the time. It is definitely a blessing to stay in one’s own place .God bless you again.


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