A dear, dear friend is giving us a tribute of words for that “long kiss goodbye.” DJ! What will I do without you?

Sharoon, Vinod,
I don’t know how to say it, sounds very negative but I was really hoping something would come up and change the way things were headed…but with the arrival of tickets my last hopes are dashed. Things will not sink in till you guys actually leave as I cannot imagine how it would be. So
Over food and drinks
and many last things
Next sat night (13th Aug)
At the strike of midnight (14th Aug)
Lets celebrate Pakistan’s independence
At my place
I know I am rambling
But what else can you expect
When a good friend is gambling (oops)
I know you’ll be maxed
And last minute taxed
But don’t say ‘No’
Before you go
We must meet
For old times sake
(One last time)

How you make my heart sing, woman! Love you and your boyz for all that you’ve been and done for us.

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