Prelude to Costa Rica

Our journey so far from Plano to the airport has been like Speedy Gonzales and Bugs Bunny on Red Bull. The farmers, aka Smeetha and Pritesh left Austin and drove straight to our place, picked us and our luggage and drove non-stop to the airport. We are flying Spirit airlines. If anyone chooses this airline for any reason at all, then you truly need to be spirited.
When we first booked the tickets, we thought this couldn’t be possibly possible. The fares were dirt-cheap. So there was no thinking twice about the vacation. A click of a button, a call to the off shore folks in India (yes,I spoke to an Indian chap named Adolfo), $10 for the call, and voila, our first leg of the journey was done. 2 days after we booked the tickets hubby tells me that we need to pay for everything from seat allotment to using the loo…(exaggeration). But truly, we’ve had to pay for baggage, carry-on baggage, boarding passes,and seat allotments. Wiping my brow as I write this! It still has been wayyy cheaper. At this point you are probably wondering if I’m a cheapo? Yup! I am the deal person…I always hunt for the best bargains in town.
Our chauffeur extraordinaire, Smeetha, drove like a possessed person and got us to the airport in record time. After a long line at the counter, baggage checks, feeding the kids, lugging all our bags, we finally made it past security. After a quick snack, we boarded our flight. While we wait to take off, the pilot announces that due to some belt defunct at TSA only 41 bags have made it on to the flight. So there goes the extra baggage fees. Praying that the bags make it at least to the second city of La Fortuna or the entire family is either going shopping or we live in situation stinky till the bags arrive. Did I say these tickets were cheap?

P.s. Live blogging on the go ;-). At Fort Lauderdale with free wi-fi access. I’m loving all things pod, pad, and whatever else that fruit company is making!


3 thoughts on “Prelude to Costa Rica

  1. hehehheheh by far the funniest … i think… let me first stop laughing… cant do both at the same time… now with all the money u saved from the “cheap tickets” n free wi-fi go shopping …. there are sales in costa rica, right 😉

  2. ooh what a start…… hope u guys are OK and received your stuff by now. Miss u all….Enjoy the rest of the trip and take care!

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