What’s all that Buzz?

The latest addition to our dash board in the Cooper is not an iconic catholic figure. No sir! The celebrity is Buzz Lightyear. Buzz has become a fixture at most events in our home. We have to set aside space for him at breakfast, lunch and dinner. He rides with us in the car. He’s at the grocery store, pet store, toy store, and now, even at church. Buzz was  a gift from dada to mama. Buzz happens to be mama’s favourite animated character of all time.  Neil obviously did not like the idea that someone else other than him got to play with a toy exclusively. So he would not let Buzz be. He tried negotiating in different ways to get him off the odometer. Nothing worked, but he wasn’t perturbed. He kept trying. Then one fine day, as dada was putting him into the car seat, with one swift, unknowingly brisk move, Buzz got knocked over. We didn’t notice, but Neil’s joy was uncontainable. When dada asked him, “what’s all that buzz about?” Tada! The next thing we know, Buzz was in his hands.

Buzz  drives with us to school and back. He sits in Neil’s hands until we alight, then he sits in little champion’s backpack until school is done. The minute we are out the classroom, Buzz is yanked out to make that journey all over again. So much like the story itself! I guess Pixar knows its business of storytelling really well. I love the imaginary conversations that Neil has with Buzz. In fact, I encourage him since Buzz happens to be my favourite animated character as well.

We were at the post office the other day, and Neil began talking to a lady beside us in the Que. He goes, “You know, this is Buzz Lightyear! He’s an astronaut with a space suit who flies space ships!” The good lady humoured him and asked several questions. I love how people get into a conversation with kids. He then  said, “He does not fly airplanes, only pilots do that.” I guess he made that connection after our vacation to Phoenix. Neil Armstrong being the first man on the moon is not a fact Neil is acquainted with. At this point it is Buzz. Considering that 10%  of British children consider Buzz to be the first man on the moon (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1318646/First-man-moon-Buzz-Lightyear-say-1-5-schoolchildren.html), Neil being barely two, is allowed that luxury. It is way better than thinking that Frankenstein is Albert Einstein’s brother! Courtesy the above quoted article.

I didn’t have half as many toys as Neil does at 2. But there were favourites that I could never get enough of. I can fully understand why toys play such an important role in his life right now. I will never forget the joy on his face when he had Buzz in his hands after waiting and watching him for all those days. I suppose, for him, the very story came alive with Buzz. The whole day he held onto him. In the evening, when we put him to bed, he fell asleep with Buzz in his hands. When I tried gently pulling it out of his hands after he fell into a deep sleep, he jumped up and grabbed it back and fell asleep again :-).  So that’s the latest buzz in our home.

If you are reading this, then tell me who creates the buzz in your home?