After making my projects, I’m always left with loads of fabric scraps. I stash them away like rat-pack. I am heavily into recycling and reducing my carbon footprint, therefore, junking them away without any guilt or remorse lingering around the end of my sewing needle was not going to happen. It would gnaw at my seamstress conscience, and there would be sleepless nights with words such as, “if only I had saved a few.” I kid you not! I do have sleepless nights dreaming and creating grand patterns in my head.

Some people are absolute sewing geniuses with innovation at every turn of the needle. They can turn nothing into everything. Moi on the other hand is a blossoming artist. So there is a very long way for me to go. I am already having a verbal diarrhea. I’ve typed more than I intended to. So what am I going to do with all that left over stuff? I am making mini projects out of them. Some are destined for roses, some for jewelery, and some for greater things!

But a purpose they will find. I turned some knits and cottons into roses to embellish projects, and I’m simply loving every minute of it.


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