Handmade gifts

There is nothing more special than receiving handmade gifts. I’ve always believed in taking time out to make something for someone for their special day. For someone’s b’day maybe, or an anniversary, or for a new arrival in the family or for no reason at all. Just the whole process makes it so special. I used to do it—hand make things. As life got more hectic, I forgot about the whole joy of creating something unique. I resorted to the easy method of buying things. This is not to say that store-bought things have no sentimental value. Of course they do. People spend hours thinking about what a particular person might like or dislike. The thought is what matters.

This post is not about store-bought vs. handmade. This post is about the joy of creation. I was at the fabric store yesterday, and those gorgeous fabrics just jumped out and placed themselves in my cart. wink, wink. I didn’t have the heart to say no. So I b(r)ought them home. Some very special friends have their birthdays round the corner, so I’m whipping up some stuff for them.

Don’t you absolutely love these colors? I’ll post the finished stuff, once they send me photographs with them using it.

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