Poop Scoop

Our apartment management is notorious for handing out notices. They hand them out for anything from sidewalk chalk to picking up after your dog. I agree with them on the dog poop thing. I didn’t quite have a problem with scoopy poopy  until Neil decided to play in the yard outside.

One fine day, the chap walks up to his mama and hands a supposed rock to her. Whoa! That’s when all hell broke loose. Looking at it is one thing, but having it in your child’s hand is another thing altogether. So I lay in wait for the culprit. I mean, the dog is not to blame here. The poor soul’s bowel probably does a jig when it sees fresh green grass. But the pet owner, the dog lover, the caretaker, whoever you are…come on! You owe it to your dog!

After our morning walk and fun in the sun, we stepped back into the house since it was getting close to grub time. I got busy in the kitchen. All along looking out the window and enjoying the wonderful sunlight. Then a lady walks in to obstruct that view. To make things a little clearer: I am inside looking outside and the lady is outside looking all around, up and down. Now, the way she was standing in one place and looking all about her, gave me the impression that she was from the management team inspecting our patio for traces of any doodling. She did look kind of weird doing the visual routine.

Then I saw a blue leash in her hand and realized she had a dog with her. So 2 and 2 together I gathered the office lady would not be walking her dog while at work. Could be possible, but highly improbable. I stopped what I was doing and watched her for a bit. She, of course, could not see me.

Then the dog pooped. You know when a dog is pooping. There is no mistaking it. I was hoping by now that the lady would pull her plastic bag out and do what needed to be done. I waited some more. After she scanned the surrounding for possible audience, and possibly thought that there was no one around, she did the skedaddle. This was when momma Sunny opened the door, went after the good lady, and requested that she pick up after her dog.

Mom, “I’d appreciate it if you could pick up after your dog.”

Pet lady, “I was going to.” (This is from someone who was beginning to hightail. I hope she wasn’t planning on using bare hands.)

Mom, “I have a child that plays in the yard and wouldn’t want him playing with fecal matter.”

Pet lady, “I noticed you have a child. I promise to come back and pick it up.”

Conversation ended and I took her at her word. Everything was peaceful, and mom and son retreated into the house to grab some lunch.

What followed has me tickled even now.

The lady kept her word and came back with a paper towel in hand. Highly admirable! But the problem was the grass on our side of the house is still hay-colored. She stood there very confounded for a very long while. Her dilemma was two-fold. The grass now had camouflaged the poop. The grass was brown, the poop was brown, and there was more than one pile of dog poop. She moved from one end of the yard to the other trying to find the doggy do. In the end, I think she just gave up and decided to pick up everything that was there. If only she had picked it up in the first place…

I found this rather interesting gadget/device/product that keeps pet owners from having to pick up after their dogs. I probably should get her to watch this one.



5 thoughts on “Poop Scoop

  1. The title of this post did me in, Sharoon! I settled down for some hilarity and you didn’t disappoint ;-).

    Ugh! How can people be so shameless as to have their dog poop in someone else’s yard (not to mention, surreptitiously) and not pick up after?

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