Sidewalk Chalk

Notice in hand  reads:

Sparkle Request:

We noticed the items checked below and are asking for your help in keeping appearances.

  • Pick up toys and flower pots
  • We do not allow children to draw or color with sidewalk chalk. Clean off the chalk
  • We will inspect on Friday!

My interpretation of the above:

  • Flower pots and toys are an eye sore! So please do away with them. We cannot afford to have our patios and balconies looking wee bit pretty or child friendly.
  • To hell with children’s creativity and innocence. We would rather “maintain appearances” than let children be children.

Will you, the reader have a problem if you were to see sidewalk chalk art as you walked around in your neighborhood? As FYI -We used this mode of expression only outside our house and not anywhere else. This was harmless doodling by toddlers. So nothing offensive or maligning…




10 thoughts on “Sidewalk Chalk

  1. isn’t sidewalk chalk water-soluble? i would just assume it would wash off in the next rain & keep it moving! as the joker once said “why so serious?!”

  2. Sidewalk chalk art means spring or summer and hence translates to “Beautiful days out in the opne” for me. While out walking, when I happen upon childish doodlings, they always add a touch of whimsy to my walk. Who would ban that?!

    • Well, now you know Hema. There are people that DO have a problem with innocent doodling. I intend to let Neil doddle with chalk, except this time momma has more work after the doodling. Scrub the sidewalk clean! Swoosh!

  3. I wish there was something on the lines of that! But then again, the whole point of being a child is to be anything but transparent. I have seen those magic pencil thingies at Walmart. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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