Then and Now

What does time and age do to a person? Does one progress or regress? Do newer, bolder and better perspectives open up? Or do things remain just the same?

My trip to the city of kaching and glitz will tell me more. I am in Vegas over the weekend and my brain has decided to go philosophical on me. I remember being in Vegas in 2005. Oh! I was enthralled, awestruck, even intimidated by all that money and them lights. So I’m making this an exercise in answering the above posed questions. Have time and age changed my perspectives? Have I progressed or regressed?

I will know when I’m back! So Vegas, here I come to take you on…

4 thoughts on “Then and Now

  1. Taking on bolder perspectives, you’ve indeed done my girl! The fact that you thought of this weekend and then convinced me to be a part of it…. I doubt it would be the same back in 2005! Cheers to us and a fabulous weekend hopefully!!

  2. Sure, time and age both change a person’s perspective… As they should. Wouldn’t life be too mundane and predictable otherwise?

    Do tell us your discoveries once you get back. Have fun while you’re there, too! 🙂

    P.S: Your home page doesn’t show your latest post. I have been thinking you’re on a long hiatus until I stumbled upon your “recent posts”. Duh!

    • Thanks, Hema! I had a sticky that let a previous post take priority over the rest. The discoveries have taken a backseat for the moment since the recovery is taking longer than I expected 🙂

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