Figure Squatting

I’m so glad I don’t live in the Northeast or any other part of the US during the winter season. Here, in Texas, we are spoilt with warm sunny days most of the year (sometimes, warmer than I want it to be.) So the arrival of snow is like the coming of Santa. It happens once a year; snows just enough for everyone to get their share, and before you know it, its gone just the way it came – quietly. It snowed last night. So we all woke up to the pretty white dust in the morning. I’m sure at this point we have at least 3ft. of it. White magic has people walking on the streets! Yes, folks. It is a thing to blog about because it is not very often that you see people walking for the pleasure of it in the Big D. We had sleet followed by great big blasts of snow. The white stuff is magic, pure magic I tell you. It brings out the poet; the poet in me that is…

There is plenty of ice on the ground which is now masked over by layers and layers of snow. There was a skating rink below this thick layer of ice. So the entire city is like a giant skating rink. I’ve always been a fan of figure skating since the time I was in secondary school. I remember being glued to the screen during the Olympics just to see these agile angels float on ice like apparitions. I’m not sure if I should call it a sport or an art. It is sheer grace; grace at its athletic best. Chiseled bodies that can twist, flex and glide with such ease that it hurts just to watch them. I am klutz, clumsy personified. Can’t walk without tripping; can’t juggle stuff without dropping; and definitely cannot stand on tippy toes without falling face flat on the ground!

To experience this bounty of snow, I set out with camera in hand to snap up those unseen moments on ice. I’ve never ventured out in this much snow; never had a chance to. So I wasn’t about to let this one pass. Packed from head to toe like an Eskimo, I tread slowly because whose to say what lies beneath. There are adults outside sculpting out snowmen; dogs running wild; kids sledging in anything from clothes baskets, plastic sheets to cardboard boxes. It was such a great sight. After passing all the good stuff, I’m tired of dragging my feet through so much snow. Instead of shuffling through layers, I decide it is best to just walk along the path already trodden. I start walking on the tread marks left by cars. Ah! This was so much easier. But genius didn’t realize that this thin layer was turning into ice. I walk hurriedly past a curve, and boom! Total figure squatting happens.

To play it in slow mo…Sharoon slides like a ballet dancer with feet together on a thin sheet of ice; followed by an angled glide so steep that it would have figure skaters wracking their brains about the dynamics of foot work. Then instead of the hurl and triple spin, it was the hurl and thud. Smack dab in the middle of the road, with people watching, Sharoon falls squat on her bottom. I haven’t laughed that loud and that heartily in ages. I was laughing at myself and laughing because the pain was too sharp to even cry. I was laughing also because I was able to laugh at myself. I’m surprised I didn’t curse under my breath.

With frost bitten fingers, immobile toes, a bruised and busted bottom, camera full of images, and a head full of laughter, I hauled my sorry ass home. If you are enjoying the fire hydrant or the school bus, then you know that the  snow effect was serious.

3 thoughts on “Figure Squatting

  1. wow.. so nicely written Sharoon.. Loved to read the slow motion part.. hope you are okay now..:) but I am really amazed by the way you transform your experiences and thoughts to words.. too good.. this incident would have been nothing to most of them out there, but what a piece you carved out it.. beautiful!

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