Super Bowl

At first I thought I’d title this post as human trafficking, but then who would want to read about that, right? It is a ‘let’s shove it under the carpet’ type of thing. Everyone knows it’s out there, but not many of us want to hear or talk about it. I admit, I am one of those people. I fall into the statistics of let’s shove it under the carpet because it’s just too demanding on the mind. It so much more prettier to talk about the good things in life.  A fact that human race can stoop, and stoop to such deplorable levels makes me want to vomit.  Just hearing about it makes my skin crawl. So if you are confused about what I am saying here, be confused no more. This post is about slave trade or human trafficking or the other hundreds of names it goes by.

A very good friend of mine sent me this email about the Super Bowl and how it is one of the most heavily trafficked events. I don’t mean by spectators at the actual game; I mean the predators who prey on under aged children. Why do I write this post? I made a promise to myself after reading her email that I will aid her effort in creating awareness. All she asks is that we pray for the victims of these atrocious crimes. I know someone will read this post somewhere, and I ask you to pass on this information so we can help prevent crimes such as these from happening.

Part of her email said, “The subject line of this email actually comes from a story told by the same guy I mentioned above. He & a friend were out to dinner & got approached by a couple of trafficked teenage girls. When they offered to help them find somewhere safe to go, one of the girls said “We’re like a whisper. We won’t be here tomorrow. And you’ll never see us again…” before they went back to their pimp. If you remember, please pray for Chelsea & Ayla.”

It is looms heavily over my conscience that I cannot do anything about it. I am glad and grateful to my friend, T for sending me that email. I am aware, and I know. I pray to God that he sends his grace and mercy down on us all.

I pray for you, Chelsea and Ayla!


Traffick911, LightForce International

4 thoughts on “Super Bowl

  1. I loved this post & found myself nodding with you about wanting to sweep it under the carpet. Thanks so much for helping spread the word, Sharoon! This is such a disgusting tragedy that it almost seems unspeakable. But our silence is exactly what allows sex trafficking to be perpetuated.

  2. Thanks for this post, Sharoon! Like you mention, it is too easy to turn your head and walk away… It is happening everywhere around us, but we feel so helpless in the face of it. Bravo to those who take up the cause selflessly and work for the victims!

  3. I believe there is a t.v. show about this on Sunday evening. I’ve heard it talked of several times on the news- one story was saying that sports events don’t attract this type of crime as much as people think/expect. However, it’s still out there. So, look at the listings on Sunday night.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Cynthia. Awareness is such an important thing in life. I didn’t know about trafficking until my friend brought it to my notice. I’ll be sure to look at the listings.

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