Those little moments in life

I was out getting some nick-knacks at the store today. We have a two at home that absolutely believes he’s gorging on gummy bunnies for real. So much so that he wonders if one of them bunnies in the bushes has disappeared because he ate one more of his gummy bunny pack. Well, who am I to stop him from imagining the wildest stuff ;-). I gather he will only have so many years of imaginary constructs, and then the real world will take over. So let the gummy bunnies work their magic for now.

Neways, this post is not about gorging on gummy bunnies. It is about love. After all, my blog tag says, “musing about LOVE, life, and motherhood, and this post fits perfectly into that.

I met an acquaintance at the store and she was shopping with her two in tow. Twos I tell you! They can be so many things in a split second. They can go from darling angles to little devils in the blink of an eye. We kept passing each other every once in a while. I was either behind her or next to her, or in front of her, and you get the drift. The little one was trotting next to her mom offering a helping hand. We checked out pretty much at the same time. She was ahead of me and I was hanging behind. Coincidentally, we were parked right next to each other. As I put my stuff in the trunk, there was a huge wail. The little one had tripped and fallen on the ground. Nothing too serious, but the presence of a stranger made the situation look like a mountain had just collapsed.

She was embarrassed that someone other than her mom had witnessed this debacle. I pretended not to look to make the little one feel better. But that wasn’t good enough. Mom picked her up, pushed those tiny pants up, and kissed the little boo-boo away. That was the moment, and I caught it just in time.

Oh! What it did to my heart, I can’t tell. But I felt my heart sink; the kind that makes you want to cry and smile at the same time. There is nothing I tell you, nothing in this world that can come close to a mother’s love for her child. The pain, the embarrassment, and the injured knee disappeared behind a curtain of hugs and kisses.

2 thoughts on “Those little moments in life

  1. That was a precious one, Sharoon! Love that you take the time to watch the little stuff around you! These moments will be gone too soon, but then you get to watch them grow into their own person, trying to act adult at the same time being utter children… Each stage has its own moments :).

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