Good Cheer

In a previous post (loss of friendship) I talked about the great big kitchen table with the ethereal light. Well, I sort of sounded mournful in that one. I guess I had to put my feelings out there on a blog roll 🙂 for it to drift away on binary codes to get closure. Strangely enough, I did.

I’m kinda revisiting that post, but in a different light. We were at SC’s place the other day for dinner. DJ, Mr. C, Mr.S, my better half, and the whole jing bang. It was full house. Shrieks, squeals, occasional squabbles over a green monster, and bickering over who gets done with dinner first. It almost felt like we went back in time. I remember the exact same scene with my parents and their friends. Except in this case, the partnerships were 50/50. While the moms stood ready with spoonfuls of food, the dads conjured up outrageously hilarious  scenarios to distract the kids, so mom could slyly slip food in to those wonder struck mouths.

Anyways, once the parents settled the kids in with their toys, we got time. Time, I tell you, time. Anyone with kids knows what that means. We were sitting at the dinner table having a wonderful conversation surrounded by just the thing I was talking about earlier. I have it right here. It was like a light bulb situation. Flicker, flicker, and finally boom–full-blown light. I had my family, I had my friends, and there was so much warmth in that room I could not have asked for anything more.  Life has a quiet way of happening. This was one of those moments. What made this even more special for me was the light-hearted moments in the conversations. Six adults, tired after a long days locomotion, black circles under everyone’s eyes, and what do we talk about? Mind you, this is an intelligent group of people. Our conversations are usually centered around politics, India, the economy, travel, and the likes. I’m sure you get the point.

But this kish-mish stuff wasn’t on anybody’s mind. We talked about Dora, boots, swiper, lullaby’s, SC’s lush lotions, and kiddy tantrums. I’m not sure if anyone other than me or the people present that day would get what I’m talking about. But it sure was a memorable one for me.

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