Just finished watching 1947 Earth by Deepa Mehta for a second time. I watched it for the first time when it was released in 1998. 12 years later, the movie still evokes the same pain and anguish that I felt when I first watched it. There is no other way to it. The loss of so many of my country women, men, and children. It is part of my history, my legacy…I only wish our government had the balls to put this down in our history books. Partition, the way it really was. Instead of the rosy rhythm of the Jana Gana Mana playing in the background with Nehru’s midnight hour speech, I truly, truly hope we will narrate the truth. Tell our children about the tragedy of partition and the schism it is has caused.

2 thoughts on “Partition

  1. I watched that movie quite a few years ago, but I still remember some of the scenes and dialogues in it as if I’d watched it only yesterday. In my opinion, very few movies related to partition, despite best effort on part of the cast and crew, have done it justice. But then, maybe it is almost impossible to be objective about something as cataclysmic as the parition of a country and its peoples… Another good movie that comes to mind is: “Pinjara”.

    • I agree with you Hema. Churchill said, “History is written by the victors.” I’m not quite sure whose account of history we carry around in our text books. I guess, history is subjective. It is only in the recent past that we have Indian writers giving us an account of Indian history. I immensely enjoyed Shahi Tharoor’s “India: From Midnight to the Millennium.” Not entirely factual, but makes for an interesting read. 🙂
      As I go back into my Indian history books I realize how marginalized voices are non-existent. A movie every once in a while is the only place where I see history more or less as is. I am not sure if that’s the way we should learn it.

      Another good watch is “Amu.”

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