The Parachute Phenomenon

My ruminations have been about absolutely philosophical things…Liking it, but its not doing much for the funny bone in me. So out with all that stuff for a while and let me write about Neil’s latest musings!

Neil was more worried than me or Vinod about my skydiving expedition. After we drove in and settled down, all Neil could see were these people going in a plane and suddenly popping out from the sky with balloon or “bayoon” like things attached to their bodies. He looked, then looked again, and then when he couldn’t understand anymore, he just cried. When it was his mama’s turn, he saw this man putting something on his mama, pulling at her, tugging at her, and then making her do all these crazy things. He came running and held on to my legs and started crying again. In his little world, of what he could comprehend, it looked like someone was taking his mommy away to become this giant bird.

So he saw his mom, “go up in a pain and come down in a pa-chute.” So from that day on everything that went up in a plane always came down in a parachute! When Vinod has to travel out of town, he explains to our little aviation buff that he has to go away for a few days, and that Dada will be back soon. The conversation goes something like this:

Vinod says, “Neil, Dada has to go to Chicago. Dada is going in a plane.”
Neil promptly responds,” Dada go in pain, and come down in pa-chute.”

No matter where Vinod goes these days, he always comes back in a pa-chute! How adventurous and exciting Neil makes our suburban Texan life. What a way to travel!!! Go up in a plane and come down in an parachute. Ha!