Rhyme and Reason, Words and More…

I cannot commit anymore of these to memory. He’s growing up so fast and learning things so quickly, I just don’t have that bandwidth anymore. Age 18 months.

Dodef = Joseph
Gejus = Jesus
peas = please
cheep = sleep
car = car
Geebaz = giraffe
denosaurs = dinosaurs
Kaida = Kaira
Gama = Grandma
Teet = Teeth
chorie = sorry
chit = sit
cooka = cookie
kundi = bindi
nyan = lion
ain = rain
aisin = raisin
pashta = pasta
dyker = guitar
caputter = caterpillar
comca = computer
obbit = rabbit
pish = fish

Mama is tyed = Mama is tired
Don’t kie mama = Don’t cry mama (which translates to mama telling Neil not to cry when mama drops Neil off at school)
Dada is sheepin = Dada is sleeping
Thomash ish shad = Thomas is sad
Bat a shoot = What a shot

It is amazing how much he’s picked up in these last few weeks. I can’t believe my baby has grown so much. I’m absolutely loving it.

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