The Mac Shack

So the mac crashes for the second time in a month and I announce to Vinod that I’m done with it. I’m never ever getting an apple product ever again in my life! I am justified in feeling frustrated, I think. I lost all my precious photographs, files, documents, and what not. So madness is justified. Well, the gadget guru advice is to backup your data irrespective what kind of loyalties you have. Just over a year, and crinkle…everything just vaporized into that silvery,powdery, blank screen. When that wheel of death kept rolling at me for hours on end, followed by a freeze zone, my mind went off into a tizzy. All I wanted to do at that point was either use it for target practice or fling that damn thing out of the window.
Anyways, Vinod took it into the workshop and told the Genius guy, “my wife has sworn never to buy another Apple product.” Voila, and the guy decided to fix it for free. Swoosh!!! What a wave of relief. In a month already plagued by enormous bills, we didn’t want to foot another one for the mac. So now they have my loyalty for life right. Great customer service.

I go in the next day to pick it up and the entire store is abuzz. There was no space to even stand around. There was something about being in that store. I stood in a corner to get a good look at what type of people visited this store. It wasn’t your regular best buy type of affair. There was grandma Esther to crisp shirt Sam. People young, and young at heart. Not sure what the mac deal is, but everybody from the employees to the customers had a special spring in their step. I have never been comfortable waiting in line, but this was one shop where I was ready to stop!

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