Who am I?

I was applying for a writing job at a newspaper and the managing editor asked me,”Tell me a little about yourself.” I’ve always answered job interview questions much like this with the mundane, everyday language of information about academics, job hops, social work, and whatever else that would help me snag the job.
This time, however, I decided I will give it some serious thought. After all, I’ve lived on this planet for a good few years, traveled far and wide, seen new things and learned so much. I had to be more than just my degrees and jobs. This was also the time when I was updating the ‘about me’ section on my blog and web site. So I sat down, pen and paper in hand and started jotting down things about myself. My blog has evolved in so many ways from the time I first became a push-button jockey :-). If you see a new about me page, then you know where it came from.