Girl Talk

I met with a friend of mine yesterday for a movie and a drink(s). The movie, “The Joneses” was an O.K. watch, nothing really to write home about. David Duchovny ( the man with the sex problem!!!) was so not the mysterious, X-files, sleuth on the perpetual “the truth is out there” run. I actually liked the guy in this role. I mean, I haven’t watched that many of his movies to be able to critique his role in this one, but I liked him. This movie kinda satisfies both the sexes.
There is the, I want to get my hands all over you Duchovny for the women and the ditto Demi Moore for the men. There is humor of a sadistic kind – poking fun on the suburban lifestyle of the upper-middle class; a story, and of course, a moral at the end of it all. All-in-all, I’d give it a 3 1/2.

Anyways, with my schedule being so full of play-dates, rhyme time, puppet shows, and all stuff toddler, I’ve found little time to meet-up with my girls. This one person I’ve got to write about . I’ll call her the-bumble-bee-in-spring friend. You know what I mean, Shree. She’s such a joy to be around. Always makes me laugh, gives me the much needed perspective, never let’s our friendship cloud her judgment about what she thinks would work best for me. I love her for being her.
It had been a while since I last met with her, but that’s how our schedules have always been. Every time we meet each other, we leave each other with a greater sense of strength. At least that’s what she does for me. She’s the kind of person with whom I can talk about world-affairs, bitch, gossip, sense and nonsense all over a mug of beer or sometimes, coffee.
I’ve been taking stock of the true friends in my life, and as I get older, I seem to be able to count them on my fingers. It bothered me in the beginning, but now, I know. “Books, like friends, should be few and well chosen.”

Here’s to you my bumble-bee-in-the spring-friend!


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