I am Su!

Each time I venture into this nails place to get them done, I become something new. I don’t mean it in the philosophical sense. No, no…I mean, getting one’s nails done does feel good, and I admit, I do feel like a vixen of sorts. I’m not sure if I should blame it on the foot massage, the bright, red color, the foot masks, hot stones, the rubs, or just all of the above.
Anyways, Jenny (the lady that does my nails) is the one person in the whole wide world that can transform not just my feet, but my whole self into this other person in those 45 mins. Each time I visit her, she asks for my name. If I told her I was Marilyn Monroe in brown skin, she might just believe me. Stop. Joke.
I tell her my name and she always hears it wrong. This, in spite of repeating it several times. The first couple of times I tried to get her to say it right, but I just gave up eventually. When I went in this time, it was the same old ritual. Pick your color, put your feet in the hot tub, and then the question…what is your name? 🙂
Sharoon says, “Sharoon.”
Jenny says, “Su.”

I am Su!


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