Two nights ago as we were finishing our prayer and getting ready for bed, Neil surprised me with a new word. AMEN! He was so thrilled about it that he said it all night long till he fell asleep. Amen, Amen, Amen. It went on. I was thrilled of course. One more word to add to his vocab.
The thing I wasn’t prepared for was the way he planned on using the new word. After every single verbal exchange we have, he ends it by saying “Amen.”
He bit my finger while I was feeding him, so I give him my low-down on biting. I tell him, “Neil, honey, no biting. When you bite, it hurts the other person. If I were to bite you, you’d feel pain. So let’s not bite, ok? And he goes, “Gaba, gaba, gaba, Amen!” I’m not sure how I’m supposed to keep a straight face at the end of this.

I got him a book titled, “Go, Go, Fish!” It’s about how Felipe the fish was afraid of the dark and then one day his chanced encounter with Jesus helped him get over his fear. Reading this book is a fun thing for all of us. Each time he sees Felipe, he goes, “Meen, meen” and when he sees Jesus, he says, “Amen.”

Ah! The simple pleasures in life! I’ll say, “Amen” to that.

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