GirlĀ Talk

I met with a friend of mine yesterday for a movie and a drink(s). The movie, “The Joneses” was an O.K. watch, nothing really to write home about. David Duchovny ( the man with the sex problem!!!) was so not the mysterious, X-files, sleuth on the perpetual “the truth is out there” run. I actually liked the guy in this role. I mean, I haven’t watched that many of his movies to be able to critique his role in this one, but I liked him. This movie kinda satisfies both the sexes.
There is the, I want to get my hands all over you Duchovny for the women and the ditto Demi Moore for the men. There is humor of a sadistic kind – poking fun on the suburban lifestyle of the upper-middle class; a story, and of course, a moral at the end of it all. All-in-all, I’d give it a 3 1/2.

Anyways, with my schedule being so full of play-dates, rhyme time, puppet shows, and all stuff toddler, I’ve found little time to meet-up with my girls. This one person I’ve got to write about . I’ll call her the-bumble-bee-in-spring friend. You know what I mean, Shree. She’s such a joy to be around. Always makes me laugh, gives me the much needed perspective, never let’s our friendship cloud her judgment about what she thinks would work best for me. I love her for being her.
It had been a while since I last met with her, but that’s how our schedules have always been. Every time we meet each other, we leave each other with a greater sense of strength. At least that’s what she does for me. She’s the kind of person with whom I can talk about world-affairs, bitch, gossip, sense and nonsense all over a mug of beer or sometimes, coffee.
I’ve been taking stock of the true friends in my life, and as I get older, I seem to be able to count them on my fingers. It bothered me in the beginning, but now, I know. “Books, like friends, should be few and well chosen.”

Here’s to you my bumble-bee-in-the spring-friend!


Bluebonnet Studs!

The verdict was in for the wildflowers! This was my only year with flowers and the boys. Vinod has categorically told me that no more flower-power :-(. Well, we’ll see about that. I’m glad spring happens once a year.

The day wasn’t really the best for bluebonnet hunting since the skies were overcast with thick, dark, low hanging clouds. As we drove out, it began to trickle and then the trickle became a drizzle, and then it just plain poured! Sitting in the car and sending up a zillion prayers, we decided to find a place to stop for lunch. It was a real surprise. “The Real New Orleans Style Restaurant,” looked like a hole-in-the-wall kind of place, but surprise us it did. The food was fantastic, the place clean, and the people super friendly. The best news of all, it stopped raining.
I’ve never seen Texas like the one that met my eyes on the road to Burnett. It was GREEN! Like a picture postcard from never, never land! So along we went scouting for that perfect bed of blue…We drove for over an hour and found nothing along the road to Burnett, so Vinod decided to do an off the road expedition. On a whim, he drove towards Lake Buchanan, and what met our eyes was a true vision from heaven. It was blue as far as the eyes could see. We couldn’t go in to take a closer look since this was private property. The lake was surrounded by houses and trailers, and we definitely did not want to intrude on anybody’s private land, no, not in Texas.
We hung around to catch a resident and after what seemed like an eternity, a father and son duo stopped to ask us what we were up to. When we explained to them that we wanted to get to the blue bonnets, he invited us to take photographs and gave us access through his backyard. We met another person when we were just about done, and the lady invited us to her deck to shoot photographs. These folks were simply amazing. Thanks to them, we got our picture perfect moment with the bonnets.