Vasantha (spring)

“The most important work you and I will ever do will be within the walls of our own homes.”

– Harold B. Lee

Snow at the start of spring!!! If this does not convince the world that global warming is real, then I’m not sure what else will. Since this is not a lecture about how to save planet Earth, let the sleeping dogs lie.

When we went to bed Saturday night, the forecast had me down for about 2 inches of snow. No where in the world was I prepared for what met my eyes Sunday morning. White, thick, and powdery snow, snow, and more snow. A giant quilt of white had blanketed everything. It was windy, and poor Neil was sick, so Vinod went out and brought a plate full of snow for him to throw around.

How can we have snow and not make our very first snowman. So braving the cold in my jammies, I went out and built my version of a snowman. It looked more like something out of ghost busters! The art work was well appreciated. The beady berries that doubled for eyes and the twigs for other parts did not go unnoticed. Neil was ecstatic about this huge pile of snow that had collected right outside his doorstep. After some excited yelling, squealing, and smashing snow around, we were back inside to get all cuddly and warm.

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