And now we Spring forth….

Daylight saving has arrived and that means waking up earlier than one wants to. After jet lag, now Neil and I are trying to get accustomed to this new ritual. Our day begins by lazing in the bed, having a mini pillow fight, and then, we are out from under the covers with a little song and dance.
It is an unsaid rule that it has to either be “Incy, wincy spider” or “Where is pumpkin.” If I try to improvise, then the rest of the day is sure to go downhill.
The weather was marvelous outside, so we decided to head to the library and stock up on some new books. As we were driving with “wheels of the bus go round and round,” playing in the background, we both had that sudden look of excitement. I looked at Neil in the rear view mirror and he was looking outside with a smile on his face. The trees on either sides were bursting with spring flowers.
The bare trees were also full of life and promise. They had countless number of nests perched high-up on dry branches. Ah! The promise of life is forever beautiful.

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