A new phase.

Out with the rebellious self! That is history now! Things have slowed down and memory seems to play hide-and-seek. I am 61/2 weeks pregnant and I’m on top of the world right now. All my life, I knew I’d be a mother someday. What I didn’t know was the excitement and joy that day would bring with it. I’m uncontrollable at this point. I want to open that front door and scream out into the open that I’m pregnant.

We called our parents as soon as we finished the doctors and both our parents were thrilled, happy, releaved; releaved because they had given up on us. They thought we’d never have kids.

May 8th 2008: The day we became parents; happy, tearyeyed, nervous and exhilarated beyond explanation. WE ARE PARENTS. Yipeeeee….