Good Friday 2008

Quite the thing happened , it totally made an otherwise depressing Catholic ritual very happy and bright. We started out early Friday evening to make it on time for mass in Austin, but the traffic in Downtown wouldn’t let up. By the time we got out of Dallas, we knew we wouldn’t make it. We googled up churches en route and found one at Hillsboro, TX called ‘Our Lady of Mercy Church’. We hurried in and managed to catch the stations of the cross. This was a small church, the smallest I’ve come across. After this was over, the deacon got everybody involved in decorating the altar and before we knew it we were helping out as well. We carried pots of flowers to decorate the altar and in a weird way felt I was part of something larger than me.

A professor just the previous day had talked to us about the Alaskan Eskimos belief in a world that has meaning and a purpose behind everything that happens; there is no such thing as chanced occurrences. I guess this was my passion.

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